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Black Tap - SOHO Location Exterior

SoHo in the 80’s and 90’s. Our ‘hood was one of squeegee men and subway tags. Of working artists in spattered studios. Of boomboxes, blasting Run DMC, Tribe, De La Soul. It was a legendary neighborhood - of art, and of craft. Where just walking down the street was an immersive experience.

Black Tap is keeping that timeless NYC vibe alive, all over the world. Everything you see, taste, hear and feel - is fresh, fun and familiar. Full of the street art we love. The music we live for. The fun-to-be-with people who bring it, every day.

And the food? Well, the food’s just off the hook. We’ve got an A-list of legendary burgers that sweep awards like Meryl Streep. Outrageous CRAZYSHAKE® that nearly break the internet on a regular basis. Wings that wow with flavor. Veggie options that raise the game. And, of course, a beer list worthy of our name.

We’ve grown a lot from our first “OG” spot on SoHo’s Broome Street. We’re rocking more iconic spaces in NYC, the Vegas strip, Disneyland, Bahrain, Kuwait, Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, and many more in the works. Despite being in very different cities and cultures, we share one singular vision: We aim to deliver so much more than a dope meal. We bring a full-on experience. A photo op. A memory. A rare moment of awesome.

What’s on tap? We’ll continue to bring it - to iconic hotspots across the country, the globe. Always overdelivering. Raising the game. Pushing it forward. Because we’re New Yorkers, through and through. That’s what we do.
Black Tap - Craft Cheeseburger With Fries


Our mouth-watering burgers have quickly reached icon status – scoring a slew of awards from the likes of NYCWFF’s Burger Bash, Time Out, Zagat, and Dan’s GrillHampton, to name just a few. 

We’re proud that our burgers are starting to rack up wins around the world, too.

How do we get our burger juicy? Flip it only once on a griddle (never a grill!). Then, we layer on two slices of cheese and serve it up on a perfect potato roll with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle on the side.

We show the love to the rest of our menu too. Our Korean BBQ wings are award-winners in their own right. What’s more, our burger salads, vegan dishes and vegetable sides mean all kinds of eaters can get in on the Black Tap fun too.

Black Tap - CrazyShake


A milkshake topped with a big slice of birthday cake? A whimsical cloud of cotton candy? Cookies “glued” to the side of the glass? Yeah, our shakes are way over the top, and all over the internet. 

Our CrazyShake® milkshakes have received nothin’ but love around the world since we started creating them in 2015. 

We start with a ridiculously delicious milkshake. Then, we load on the crazy stuff and turn it into a work of art. The result: an epic, picture-perfect dessert. And with fun partnerships (like Hershey’s and Netflix) and limited-edition creations using local ingredients, we’re always spinnin’ up something new for you to sip on.

Black Tap - Craft Beer


Our name, Black Tap, is a reference to those black tap handles that you find in craft beer bars. Craft beer is the DNA of our brand. From mainstay classics to limited-edition Black Tap brews; from rotating seasonal beers to collaborations with local microbrewers, we’ve got something cool for every beer lover out there. 

And the brews are just the beginning. We’re game on when it comes craft cocktails – with playful takes on the classics, along with seasonal offerings. 

Black Tap - Location Interior


All the love in New York has inspired us to expand across the US and around the world. We’ve come a long way from our first 15-seat counter bar in SoHo, as we’re now flippin’ and shakin’ on both coasts, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Wherever we bring it, people dig it.

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